Our Advisor

Dear Automotive Glass Service Professionals,

Bob Beranek After 25 years in the automotive glass service industry, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to AutoGlassSearch.com. We launched AutoGlassSearch.com with one goal in mind: to increase sales for service professionals such as you. Our service is very different from anything else of its kind, and very much focused on helping you sell the quality and safety aspects of your local service center.

The Internet has become the #1 place for people to find qualified auto glass service. AutoGlassSearch.com makes it easy for your service center to connect with these potential customers and convert them into paying clients.

The AutoGlassSearch.com program is highly effective and totally results-based. There is literally no downside for service centers who list on the site.

The program is very effective and works as follows:

  • Thousands of ARG prospects visit AutoGlassSearch.com each day.
  • You list for free in the AutoGlassSearch.com directory.
  • Rather than locking you into a price comparison, AutoGlassSearch.com lets you customize your listing to explain in depth what sets you apart – quality, certifications, photos of your shop, etc.
  • Customers then choose to call you directly to book service appointments with your company.
  • You pay for live calls and may cancel at any time.

AutoGlassSearch.com already is driving thousands of calls per month to over 1,000 service centers nationwide. In addition to driving new customers to you, AutoGlassSearch.com also provides you with audio recordings of every phone call we deliver to your service center. This free "secret shopper" program can be used to coach and train your sales staff to improve customer relations and sales skills.

As an industry veteran who knows and strongly supports the needs of independent ARG professionals, I'm proud to be associated with AutoGlassSearch.com. I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself how AutoGlassSearch.com can help you increase your business.


Bob Beranek
President, Automotive Glass Consultants, Inc.