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Welcome to Novus Glass

Since 1972 Novus has been providing quality auto glass service. As the inventor of windshield repair, we at Novus pride ourselves in providing our customers with exceptional technical and customer service. You can be certain that your repairs will be done right, the first time! Locally owned and operated customers can rest assure that they will receive the highest quality care. Yours and your family's safety is our #1 priority. We are certified trained technicians and we offer a nationwide guarantee! Plus Novus windshield repair is environmentally friendly. Why pile up our landfills with windshields when you can repair them. Save your money, time and the environment by choosing Novus Glass.

We at Novus are also proud to have built strong relationships with all the major and independent insurance companies. Often referred to customers by Insurance Agents, Novus can handle all the paperwork of processing your auto glass insurance claims, making your auto glass service experience hassle-free! And did you know that most insurance companies cover the cost of your deductible when you choose the Novus repair service? Let Novus take care of all your auto glass needs and get you back on the road again!

Auto Glass Replacement
While we endeavor to repair as many windshields possible, there are of course instances where a windshield is just too severely damaged and will have to be replaced. And while no one wants to replace their windshield unnecessarily, you can count on Novus to get the job done right! At Novus, we are concerned about your safety, and only use urethane adhesives (the “glue” that bonds your windshield to your vehicle) that meet or exceed all government and O.E.M. safety standards. All windshields used by Novus meet stringent US Department of Transportation Standards for crash worthiness. Leaks and wind noise? Not a problem! At Novus, we guarantee your new windshield installation against leaks and wind noise or we’ll fix it.
Ask your Local Expert

Question: Can you replace my windshield right at my home or work?

Answer: Most certainly! In fact, the majority of windshield replacements are done on a mobile basis the world over. Mobile windshield replacements can be done conveniently, quickly, and safely right in the parking lot or driveway of your office or home. Modern portable tools and fast curing windshield adhesives are tailor made just for this application.

Question: How long will it take to replace my windshield? Can I drive my car right away when it is done?

Answer: It usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half to replace the windshield, and about another hour for the adhesive to cure to a point where it is safe to drive your vehicle. In total, you should plan on letting your vehicle sit for two to two and a half hours before driving it again.

Question: What will a windshield repair look like when it is done? Will it be invisible?

Answer: We can usually restore somewhere between 75% and 95% of the optical clarity to the damaged area. This depends on several factors including the severity, age, and the amount of contamination in the damage. In most cases the completed repair will look like a small water spot or bug splat, however, it will not be completely invisible.

Question: Can you bill my insurance company?

Answer: Yes we can! We are participating members of all of the major insurance company glass claims programs. We can call your insurance company for you and help walk you through the process of setting up your insurance glass claim.

What Customers Are Saying About Novus
“We were so thankful for the Novus referral. The chip in the windshield was fixed this a.m. promptly (35-40 min.) and it exceeded my expectations. The chip is barely visible and it was great to conserve and reuse instead of installing a new windshield.” –B Becker

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